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“There is a barrier to adoption for any new wearable program: It can seem creepy. It’s one thing to know how many stairs you climb in a day, but another to know your boss can monitor your heart rate, water intake, or activity levels on a sick day.”
It sounds like wearables are carving their way in to the world of HR. The movement “Quantified self”, born in 2007, gathered people from all over the world who chose to wear self-monitoring and self-sensing sensors to collect data about themselves.
As people spend most of the days at work, it becomes more difficult to separate self data collected while at home or while at work. HR in businesses are becoming aware of this and are promoting wearables as the data collected at work can be harnessed to promote wellness and  thus, productivity and satisfaction.
The caveat – How do you ensure privacy and what is ethical usage with such data.

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