What we have to gain from making machines more human


I’ve already mentioned “Soul Machines” here in the past. I see the direct implications of “digital humans” on HR management.
It is mentioned here that “According to Cross, Daimler is looking at other ways it could deploy digital humans across the organization, from building digital service people, digital sales people, and maybe in the future, digital chauffeurs”. And I will add…HR and recruiting related functions.
These are programs infused by virtual nervous system based on neural networks and biological models of different paths in the human brain. The system is controlled by virtual neurotransmitters and hormones akin to dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which influence learning and behavior.

As a result, each digital human can have its own unique set of “feelings” and responses to interactions. People interact with them via visual and audio sensors, and the machines respond in real time.
Check out these two amazing videos: Baby x and digital humans.

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