| The future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No


The conclusion of the survey is to focus intently on:

— A new mindset that recognizes the accelerating speed of change in the digital era and how it is dramatically rewriting the rules for future success;
— Reshaping the HR function — and its value to the business — using technology and new skills that can exploit the significant value and competitive advantage of data and analytics;
— Recognizing and embracing workforce shaping as critical to success in creating and sustaining the workforce of the future;
— Pursuing a deeper understanding of employee skills, strengths, goals and purpose while creating custom made employee experiences.
– Recognize the immense value of EE and EVP to future success and competitiveness — and place it high on your change agenda (and convince the C-Suite);
— Preparing for the advance of AI/ ML and its integration into a collaborative future workforce that combines human and digital labor;
— Valuing employees as ‘customers’  in the increasingly digital, global and agile world of work, embracing technology to increase connections and supporting an overarching people agenda as tasks and roles are redefined.

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