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Learn on how to stay relevant by upgrading your skills, on how to be a good role model to AI (Be happy!) and learn how to thrive in life by incorporating science-based solutions to lower stress, and enhance well-being and performance.


Anyone who knows me, knows how excited I feel about AI and other new technologies. This is not a new-found passion. Oh no no. I’ve been like this since I remember myself. Science fiction was always a topic I was drawn to, as well as Astronomy and the thought of new worlds out there. And yes, aliens too 😉
I spend a good chunk of my time – Learning. I start my morning listening to two Ted talks. The first one is always on a topic that has to do with my work, mostly on AI and its effect on humanity. For inspiration, I use the “surprise me” feature and learn about topics that “seem” to not be related at all to what I do, such as talks about tech and…fish or women in India or rural spaces or how to love myself more…
And it is through this constant learning that I learned about several initiatives I would like to share with you today.

So…I love listening to Bill Boorman’s talks and how he accurately describes the state of AI in recruiting today. Agreed. There is no REAL AI in recruiting today. My approach, though, is different, as I think we all know this is only an interim situation and I prefer to keep everyone, including myself, awake and in a state of alert. There is no question that a full-blown AI will be here, sooner than later (Ray Kurzweil from Singularity University states 2049 as the year AI will become smarter than us. That’s 30 years!). And not only will it be here, it will infiltrate every aspect of our life and will become a commodity just as electricity is to us today.

For the past 2 years my mission, was to alert and deliver the important message: If you want to stay relevant in a changing world – In this case the recruiting/HR world – Please prepare. It will require work. You will need to think differently on how to acquire new skills. They will no longer be served to you on a silver platter, nor will you have 4 years to study something new in university. If you want to stay relevant and become an early adapter, you need to become more active in pursuing it. Self-disrupt.

On that note, it’s only appropriate to mention Neelie Verlinden and Digital HR Academy. The online courses are designed to help you to upgrade your skills, become an HR innovation leader in your company and learn best practices of implementing HR Tech applications and best of all, remain relevant in this industry. Prices, as I see on their website, are very much affordable and are not a barrier to moving forward with your education.

Back to my initial idea – When I say “prepare”, it also means understanding the implications of AI – The downsides and the upsides. And one of the basics is that AI is now learning from us. This is the “bias” everyone is talking about. But what do we do to fight this bias?
We need to internalize how crucial it is that we can no longer think only about our “sense of self” and how to improve our own lives. There is now an added layer of responsibility (to those that choose to feel it). AI is following us in everything we do. Some of it is visible and tangible, but some of it, is transparent and not visible at all. And it’s learning from us all the time. At work. At home. On the go. On vacation. While we sleep. Much more than our child does, as our child goes to sleep sometimes (thank god) and AI is forever awake…

This is why I believe in what Mo Gawdat, ex-Googler (Chief Business Officer), is bringing to this world. #onebillionhappy. The video is a must-see for all. He knows first hand how AI is learning all that we do, and he sees the danger. And he is now dedicated to emphasizing our responsibility to being more aware of the world we are showing AI. And he would like us to bring the good vibes up a few notches, so that AI learns more good examples than bad, what happiness and positivity look like. Global happiness.
Pls join #onebillionhappy.

Another initiative I really like which also has to do with work and HR Tech is Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. From their website: ” Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology……. We know, instead, that when we prioritize our well-being, our decision-making, creativity, and productivity improve dramatically.”

I strongly believe that one of the leading trends of the future of HR Tech applications will be a merge and integration of “Quantifying self ” applications, into work related tech application..

If you know of other positive initiatives like these, emphasizing the future connection between human and machine and their effect on work, please send them my way. Thank you!

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