60 Seconds on Why AI in Recruitment is not mere “Hype”

It may sound and look like Hype, but what we are looking at is merely the EARLY PHASES OF DISRUPTION. Condemning it, is like being angry with a child for being a child when he is merely in the process of growing up.


If you google AI and recruitment, you will find dozens and dozens of posts warning about how this is merely HYPE. I think everyone is barking up the wrong tree. There’s a different point of view which takes into account, the greater scheme of things.

A year and a half ago I wrote a post called “Exponential thinking and the future of recruiting”. Sadly, it only received 821 views (36 Likes, 11 comments and 9 shares..) So I decided to resurrect this post from Linkedin’s cemetery ( thank you Jacob!) and breathe some new life into it, as it touches upon the concept of HYPE.

As an avid follower and now a student of “Singularity University”, it is obvious that technologies in HR and recruiting fit in the model of the “6Ds of Exponentials” suggested by Peter Diamandis.

It’s a powerful framework that explains the exponential journey of digital technology and can help us identify and better anticipate disruptive trends.

Before we go on, let’s explain what “exponential” is. If your stride is 1 meter, linear thinking will say that if you walked 30 such steps, you have covered 30 meters – Right? Distance is to be expected. No question here. But what happens if your 1 meter stride is multiplied by 30 exponential steps? It will take you around the world 26 times! Growth is not by 30% rather by 30-fold!

Exponentials, Singularity University.

The 6 Ds are: Digitized, Deceptive, Disruptive, Democratized, Demonetized and Dematerialized.

  1. Digitized – “That’s when Something becomes an information science, which allows us to use computers to manage it. An example of the talent sourcing industry – We see manual processes such as sourcing being automated and digitized. We see tools such as Hiretual and Arya automating the whole sourcing process and smart chatbots such as Mya, Roborecruiter, jobpal and more taking it even further.

  2. Deceptive– “This is the early stage of exponential growth which is hard to spot. The technology is advancing, but is not yet being used widely. Disappointment settles in, the bread and butter of all the naysayers and all the Hype shouters. We are now at the start of an exponential growth. Everyone is mentioning AI, but in fact all we see now are “basic” functions. Nothing that can take are jobs, overrule us, or bring us creative insights and recommendations. This is the HYPE we are feeling and so many people are contesting, when in fact this is merely a step before the next stage….
    6 D's of exponentials, Singularity university
  3. Disruptive –“When a technology breakthrough hits a critical point, it begins to have dramatic effects, outperforming the previous paradigm in both effectiveness and cost”. We are not there yet. But we will get there very soon.

  4. Dematerialized – “Items that were once large and unwieldy can now fit easily into our pockets or in the cloud.” I will translate that into “dematerialization” of staffing and recruiting agencies, headhunters, recruiters and sourcers into automated processes that we will be able to perform from our mobile phone. Note: I also see another trend of keeping it all human-based, those will probably always remain, if only to serve the need for counter reaction …Yin and Yang always. Rules of nature.

5. and 6. Demonetized – “The cost of producing and replicating software is dramatically cheaper than               creating the physical version of it, and the economies of scale associated with the sensors allow them
to become eminently affordable” and Democratized – “Products, services, and information that were
once only available to wealthy nations, research labs, or companies, are now becoming accessible by
an ever-increasing percentage of the global population”. This stage, to me, means that perhaps the 1
stop shop recruiting platforms will become more accessible to everyone, thus making it as simple as
googling someone to hire, augmented with so much info and insights than ever before 🙂 (why would            they need a sourcer and a recruiter?…)

Thinking about the future of anything and based on the first signs of advanced technology in our industry means we need to adopt exponential thinking. Out of the ordinary growth. Linear train of thought can no longer apply and will hinder our understanding of where we are going in our industry as well as our future.

To sum it up – This period of what looks like a Hype, is merely an EARLY PHASE OF DISRUPTION. Condemning it, is like being angry with a child for being a child when he is merely in the process of growing up.

I welcome your opinions, comments and rants 🙂



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