Employing Overseas with Emeraldo Global Expansion Platform

Speed up setting up your local employment operation and ensure compliance with local institutions



Whether you are setting up a new remote R&D office or hiring just one sales person to test a new market, establishing operations and employing abroad is a complicated, time consuming and risky task. Every country has its own set of legislation, common practices and service providers and the potential exposure to non-compliance government fines can reach $1.5M in some cases.

For example, imagine that your business has identified a big opportunity in Brazil, requiring you to test the water with hiring the first sales team. Some of the questions you will need to deal with include:

  • Which local recruitment agencies should I trust to assist with hiring key talent in the country? Do they even speak English?
  • How can I legally employ?
  • What are comparable competitive salaries for these roles?
  • What employee benefits do I need to offer?
  • How will I issue a locally compliant payslip?
  • What are the mandatory government reporting requirements?

Existing solutions in the market include expensive consultants and umbrella companies (companies that employ on your behalf), charging as much as 25% of an employee’s salary.

emeraldo hr techEmeraldo has taken on the complicated task of simplifying the set up and growth of international teams anywhere in the world. We believe that HR’s primary focus is hiring the right talent to support business growth and that employing abroad in any country should be as simple as employing domestically.


Some of the benefits mentioned by our customers include: cutting down weeks of research and project management work into minutes and having greater assurance that they are setting up the operation correctly (both compliance to local laws and offering the right compensation package to employees).


How does it work?

Users start with creating an expansion plan. With just a few clicks, a personalized plan is created by the platform, complete with location-specific information. The plan consists of all the necessary tasks for finding talent and employing abroad.

For each task in the plan, the platform helps guide the user to make the necessary decisions (for example, what level of private medical insurance should they provide in the USA).

The user can then proceed to set up each of the operational tasks directly through the platform. This is done by using local providers recommended specifically to them using our match algorithm.

In parallel, users can start the hiring process by using Emeraldo Seeker. Seeker is a tool that finds, vets and matches local recruitment agencies to the user’s specific needs.

To bring the platform to life, let’s take an example of a recent customer – a financial services company from New York that decided to expand to London.

As a US based company, the customer initially thought that they just needed to offer private medical insurance to their employees (common practice in the US). Through the platform they created an expansion project plan and discovered that they had missed several mandatory requirements (employer liability insurance, pension) as well as several other employee benefits commonly offered by financial services companies. After reviewing the different options ahead of them, they used Emeraldo to engage with a local benefits broker, a local insurance broker and an accounting firm to run payroll.

All in all , using the platform has enabled them to start employing abroad within 1 month instead of 3 and saved them from paying £2,500 fine per day on non-compliance.

In summary, employing overseas is a heavily administrative, time-consuming operation that requires extensive local knowledge.

The benefits of using the Emeraldo Global Expansion Platform are:

  • Speed up setting up your local employment operation
  • Ensure compliance and avoid exposure to government fines
  • Create a smooth international employee on-boarding process
  • Lower time to hire your first employees and when growing further
  • Save money by automatically receiving several competitive quotes
  • Have peace of mind when expanding globally

leetal gruper HR Tech emeraldoLeetal Gruper believes that talent is a company’s greatest asset and is one of the most important aspects to get right when a company expands globally.
Prior to founding Emeraldo, Leetal was a consultant with Bain & Company London and held senior management positions at Q cyber Technologies and at Worldpay, a global payments company.
Leetal holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from London Business School.

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