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Who says having fun at work is unproductive?



Low Engagement / High Attrition!

“21% of Millennial workers had left their job in the last year to do something else”, according to Harvard Business Review. The same study points out that employee engagement is also reaching bottom lows with 71% who are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. These alarming numbers reflect a bigger problem that only few companies have started to address. Creating a great workplace culture promoting communication and collaboration is one of the biggest challenge for companies who want to attract and retain their talents.


Team Building, still marginalized

Team Building started in the early 1930’s where researchers started to examine what factors influenced team performance. The researchers found that the most significant factor was the building of a sense of group identity, a feeling of social support and cohesion that came with increased worker interaction. Almost a century later though, Team Building has remained marginal or very occasional.


An organic approach

ludo hr tech team buildingThis is where Ludo comes from. Ludo (“game” in Esperanto) states that Team Building is a process, not a one-time event. They believe that short daily interactions are far greater than forced yearly activities. Thus, Ludo proposes an online platform where employees can participate in collaborative activities online. To worried employers obsessed with slacking employees, Ludo retorts that most activities don’t require more than 3 to 5 minutes of participation per day. Furthermore, employees already have downtime, but with Ludo, it could be put to good use.


Three activities, hundreds of variations

Ludo currently offers three types of activities. Each activity is based around personal questions that employees need to answer to participate to any activity. Questions change every time, so the more employees play, the more they can learn about one another. Furthermore, activities are built using different game mechanics which encourage communication and collaboration. From just breaking the ice, to strategizing collectively, these activities help build healthy and open employee relationships.


A new player in a remote environment

HR-Tech companies targeting on employee engagement have essentially focused on measuring engagement rather than addressing it. Online pulse surveys have boomed but team building has remained mostly offline. Ludo is thus entering a new field. Will companies embrace this new wave? It is too soon to say. But Ludo believes that the rise of remote workers and dispatched teams will call for more online bonding, since employees will no longer do it at the coffee machine.


[1] Dyer, J. L., 1984, Team research and team training: A state-of-the-art review. Human Factors Review, pp. 285-319.
[2] As the time of writing, two activities are currently offered on the platform and a third one is planned to be released in June 2018.

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